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Profile Pic for My Road To Deliverance

This photo was taken about 2 hours away from home in South Australia. I have chosen to use this as my profile pic for my blog because it has quite a bit of symbolism – for me, at least.

Firstly, it shows a long two-way road. My recovery from PTSD will be a marathon, not a sprint and this serves to remind me of that when I find myself frustrated that I’m not making progress quick enough or for the times when I feel as though I’ve taken 1 step forward and twenty steps backwards.

Secondly, the dirt and the sun-scorched plants depict me now – sucked dry, dead and even possibly dangerous (to myself anyway).

Thirdly, the canola fields depict where I am heading towards – a fruitful and beautifully breathtaking life.

Last, but not least, the grey skies remind me that there will be stormy days – both now and in my destined future. But storms are ok. They will come through, may cause destruction and mayhem, but they don’t last forever – soon after, the sun’s rays will peek out from behind the thick clouds, making everything bright, beautiful, green and full of life once again. Storms wash away surface materials, bringing out what is buried deeper within – signifying the washing away of old habits, perceptions and thought processes, bringing about healing, growth and rejuvenation.